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Visual artist with scientific background.


Born August, 7th 1969 in Tunis where he lives and works.


Slim Gomri started his practice as an artist with photography and migrated to other materials and expressions.


His photographic researches on voluntary alteration of the image using solvent on photographic paper led him to etching. 
Interested by time effect on things and raw materials, Slim has made an incursion in industrial world to transform (by laser/plasma cutting) flat sheet steel in monumental sculptures, sometimes associated to architecture.


Thus photography remains the pivot of his creation process; Slim allows himself positive experiences as cineaste. 
Scientific experimentation is mixed to his artistic language.


He has been regularly exhibiting since 2007.


Slim Gomri is actually in charge of program & communication in Safia Farhat museum/ Radès Art Center (Centre des Arts Vivants de Radès) where he continues his art practice. 

couleur_café_misk_radio_Intissar Chihi ChaterSlim Gomri
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radiocitéGenève_GillesSoulhac_230621Slim Gomri
00:00 / 10:53
RTCI_Emna_Louzir_Moez_Majed_6_déc_2021Slim Gomri
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RTCI - HABIB SALHA - INTERSIGNES 30-12-2021 (SLIM GOMRI) - .mp3_01Slim Gomri
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PodcastMaghrib in Past & Present. « The Worlds of Safia Farhat » Slim Gomri
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